Today, Eveon Containers, the first and fully digital commercial container shopping platform that launched its first fleet of containers in the U.S. in July 2021, announces a multi-city expansion of its guaranteed available containers. Rolling out in shipping hubs Oakland, California, Baltimore, Maryland, Cleveland, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, and Savannah, Georgia, Eveon is swiftly expanding its coast-to-coast availability in order to ease commercial and private demand for containers.

Already in numerous European cities as of 2020, Eveon recently entered the U.S. market via Newark, New Jersey, led by former vice president and CCO of international container supplier Caru Containers, Aad Storm. As part of its offering, Eveon’s digital storefront and transparent shopping experience shows prices and availability up front, and makes its containers available to customers as soon as 24 hours.

“Despite there being 45 million containers globally, there’s been an increasing scarcity of commercial containers due to various circumstances including COVID restrictions and reduced staffing of supply/port professionals,” said Aad Storm. “Eveon Containers is easing the supply bottleneck of the looming retail and agriculture seasons by purchasing unused and used containers to make them immediately available to customers, something that is rarely done in our industry.”

As a 100 percent digital storefront, Eveon speeds up the purchase process by publishing fair and transparent prices upfront and shows where and when the containers are guaranteed available. The entire customer experience can be done without needing to wait for a quote or a live company representative to provide availability.

While containers are a fundamental piece of the global economy and used to transport equipment and goods, the common process of procuring containers is old-fashioned, not digitalized and the market is very opaque. Product prices are not readily available with traditional dealers; they’re either not published or prospective customers need to manually submit a written query or call someone to begin the purchase process. This leads to two major problems: incomplete cost comparison between potential suppliers and an unknown, dramatically lengthened purchase time with the customer unsure whether they paid a fair price in the end.

Customers can choose whether they want to collect the container themselves the next day after payment, speeding up the process. Eveon also offers a regional delivery service that allows customers to have a container delivered in up to three days within a significant radius of each city hub (Oakland: 200 miles radius, Baltimore: 300 miles radius, Chicago: 200 miles radius, Cleveland: 200 miles radius, and Savannah: 200 miles radius).

Eveon readily offers three new and used container variants for storage or transportation needs: 20-ft, 40-ft, and a 40-ft High Cube. Customers will be able to immediately see product and transportation costs on Eveon’s site during their shopping process, including volume discounts.