Members in the Philippines, Ex-Works Cargo Services are 10 years old and based in Manila. They have recently moved ten special purpose vehicles from different port of origins to the Philippines.
Managing Director of Ex-Works, Prof. Rodrigo Villanueva Jr., Ph.D. and his project team managed the movement of the equipment from the RORO discharging and arranged the integrated planning, processing and control of the entire flow of cargo, suitable lashing and cargo handling as well as up-to-date communication with all parties to ensure the timely and safe delivery to the construction site and warehouses.

Prof. Rodrigo comments; “Special cargo such as this requires pre-planning to put together all the possible scenarios of how to manage the transportation in the most efficient and secure way. As often, the most challenging part was that the consignee’s facility did not have a suitable crane or any other equipment to lift such a large weight for non-drivable bulk cargo which we had to arrange. Handling such heavy cargo with abnormal sizes also requires a constant contact with the client and other parties at every stage of the project to carefully engineer every detail from beginning to end.”

“As Ex-works Managing Director, I always tell my team that we don’t want to be the biggest, but we do want to be the best!”