Express Global Logistics (EXG), members of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, have once again set new standards with the flawless completion of lowering two tunnel boring machines (TBMs) into the launching shafts for the Patna Metro Rail projects. These massive TBMs, each weighing up to 450 ton, play a crucial role in excavating tunnels for the underground metro station. The first TBM was descended smoothly by EXG at Moin Ul Haq underground metro station, followed by the second at Gandhi Maidan underground metro station.

Handling such heavy machinery was no small feat. The TBMs arrived in dismantled parts and were meticulously assembled by EXG's expert team. EXG devised a smart solution to tackle space constraints and a congested area, which rendered crane use unfeasible for handling such heavy cargo. This resulted in seamless operation that showcased EXG's commitment to excellence and top-notch service quality.

Leveraging advanced techniques, EXG employed an innovative skidding method using a hydraulic gantry system spanning an impressive 20 meters. This was combined with precise lowering techniques using the strand jack and tower system by 18 meters. The TBMs were lowered flawlessly into their designated locations within the shafts, a testament to EXG's engineering prowess.