In a WorldACD Trends message two weeks ago, they reported Year-on-Year (YoY) growth for chargeable weight of -4.2% for July 2019. This marked eight consecutive months of negative growth for the air cargo industry. This analysis is based on the worldwide Airwaybill inputs reported by 80 airlines to WorldACD every month.

The large majority of these airlines also submit monthly inputs on flight level. This additional dataset provides an early indication for the trend in August 2019: measured in Freight Ton Kilometres (FTKs), we observe a YoY growth of -6.6% in August 2019. The Year-to-Date change (Jan-Aug, 2019 vs 2018) in FTK is -5.4%. Moreover, the cargo load factor dropped by 4 percentage-points YoY, and by 1.3 MoM.