ATLAAS unified software platform recognized for innovative use of fleet analytics and business results achieved

FORT LAUDERDALE (May 6, 2019) –Many leading companies today can achieve competitive advantages by employing sophisticated data analytics and business intelligence tools. This is a primary reason why Fleet Advantage was selected for the second straight year as an award winner on CIO Magazine’s “CIO 100” for the company’s ATLAAS Unified software platform.

Fleet Advantage, a leading innovator in truck fleet business analytics, equipment financing, and lifecycle cost management, offers its ATLAAS Unified (Advanced Truck Lifecycle Administrative Analytics Software) as a business intelligence resource for private fleets and for-hire carriers. The software platform is used to manage all pertinent fleet information with data analytics and visualizations to manage an entire fleet with a few keystrokes, on one platform, without the need for a support team of analysts or data scientists.

ATLAAS Unified reduces data overload with actionable insights and fleet data analytics to measure and monitor fleet KPIs, simplify fleet management and reduce operating costs.

According to CIO, the “CIO 100” is a highly competitive program, with more than 400 applicants evaluated by an external panel of industry judges. The award is a great testament to the innovative use of IT and the business results achieved.

“Companies with transportation fleets have traditionally operated on legacy business philosophies that limit them from achieving more aggressive cost savings in their total cost of ownership models,” said Brian Holland, President and Chief Financial Officer for Fleet Advantage. “With the innovation and adoption of business intelligence tools such as ATLAAS Unified, these companies are now leveraging data analytics to realize a significant benefit to their bottom line by adopting new asset acquisition and replacement strategies.”