Disrupting the notoriously secretive world of Carrier Pricing Strategy, Freight Management, Inc., a Logistics Services & Technology Provider, has been rocking boats in the Drayage world. Developer and host, this Veteran-Owned, Crain’s Fast-50 Chicagoland-based company is excited to announce the launch of their latest cloud-based community platform: Draydex™.

The message: Volatile market fluctuation make national drayage rates too risky not to know. Built to provide a crystal-ball answer into real-time market pricing for every railyard and port in the U.S., Draydex solves the problem of instant micro-market benchmarking.
“Drayage has been and is our fastest growing branch of business. But – it’s exhausting. The old system was wasteful,” FMI’s Robert Mayo, COO and Autumn Bizon, Sr Analyst explain. “We were all tired of fishing for rates in the dark. We were ready to permanently re-write inefficiencies out of the entire ecosystem.”
Seeing the potential for everyone to benefit, FMI stepped forward leveraging a vast reservoir of national pricing data. Draydex was launched as a synergetic, neutral community and the momentum has continued to gain speed. As the majority of top Freight Forwarders & NVOCCs contribute pricing data, Draydex positions itself as the nation’s most accurate drayage spot market index. The system is currently available exclusively to Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, Shippers and Container Shipping & Leasing providers.