International jury honors the most creative and effective IoT and telematics solutions of the year. These projects saved millions in fleet management, cold chain transportation, construction or agriculture.

Wialon, the world’s leading telematics and IoT platform, which connects over 3.4 million vehicles and assets worldwide, announced the winners of its third IoT project of the year contest on October 9th2022 in Dubai before GITEX Global, one of the world’s largest tech shows.

The award recognizes companies from all sectors which implemented the most creative and effective solutions using IoT and telematics technologies. This year saw projects from no less than 24 countries compete for the “project of the year” title, with the winners delivering efficiency and cash savings measured in millions of dollars.

The IoT project of the year winners were selected by an international jury of internet of things (IoT) experts, assessing entries in categories ranging from cold chain transportation and long-haul shipping, to agriculture and public safety. The IoT project of the year award is software and hardware agnostic, and open to any company.

The award-winning projects show a wide array of business solutions, from reducing waiting times in cold-chain management in UAE, to tracking for the railway construction wagons in Switzerland preventing cargo and vehicle theft in Mexico or Thailand, reducing fuel consumption by 30%-50% for fleets in Central Asia, South America and Africa, optimizing staff transportation and associated costs in Sri Lanka, developing GPS tracking in agriculture in Israel or enabling driver safety monitoring in remote areas with severe weather conditions in the Arctic.

The IoT project of the year award demonstrates how fast IoT and telematics are developing and shows how innovative applications change not only a specific business, but also our everyday lives.

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon, Gurtam said, “Telematics today is becoming embedded into an increasing number of industries across the globe. The flexibility of the technology means solutions are limited only by users’ creativity. And the IoT project of the year contest highlights the best industry solutions that have been delivered over the past year – inspiring businesses to become more efficient through IoT.”

IoT Project of the Year 2022 Winners

Cold chain transportation and Community Choice. MaliaTec (Lebanon)

The solution allowed the carrier to reduce waiting times and increase the number of delivery windows to four per day, significantly higher than industry standard of two.

Ready-mix concrete. Geoservice

The solution significantly improved the level of transparency, control and automation keeping dispatchers and clients updated on 500 orders daily.

Long-haul shipping. Cobertura Total en Telemetría (Mexico)

Accident monitoring system with AI cameras for a transportation company in Mexico can determine responsibilities in accidents and identify poor control and driver management.

Fuel transportation and storage. Geoservice

The fleet management and fuel consumption monitoring solution made 30-50% in fuel savings.

Construction and demolition. Tracking Africa (South Africa)

The fuel monitoring system saved 4,500 litres a month from theft.

Public transport. KLOUDIP (Sri Lanka)

The IoT technology helps save $12,500 per month optimizing staff transportation and associated costs.

Agriculture. Ananas Global (Israel)

A GPS tracking solution for agriculture management that will soon be launched internationally.

Public safety. MONTRANS

A driver safety monitoring system for an Arctic based transportation company ensuring safe transportation in remote areas with severe weather conditions.

Local deliveries. Ruptela (Lithuania)

The GPS fleet tracking system for the Thailand Post Distribution ensured authorized vehicle use, reduced theft, improved driver behavior and reduced fuel consumption.

Special recognition. Afritrack (Tanzania)

A driver risk management system for a cargo management company that led to 90% of the incident alerts being addressed in a timely manner.

Special recognition. Traklink (Jordan)

A driver behavior monitoring solution that improved driving behavior by 85%, decreased speeding by 90% and increased compliance with labour laws by 95%.

Special recognition. Gotthard Handels AG (Switzerland)

A LoRa asset tracking solution that improves railway wagon management and provides better customer service.

Andrei Liatsetski, Jury Chairman, Head of Project Implementation, Wialon, said, “There were so many creative applications of IoT and telematics that it was a challenge to choose the winners. But just looking at the logistics sector, it is clear that this technology solves problems that cannot be addressed any other way. Businesses in this industry are exposed to numerous risks such as theft of vehicles, cargo and fuel and these risks can be monitored and mitigated using telematics and IoT technology. IoT also allows fleet managers to reduce the cost of unplanned maintenance by monitoring all aspects of a vehicle’s performance to ensure remedies are in place before any malfunction occurs.”