HOUSTON - Gorilla Safety, provider of an innovative, proprietary and patented software solution that fully automates all aspects of fleet and safety management, announced today a special offer to help those fleets not yet compliant with the recent Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) mandate, which calls for all motor carriers and commercial drivers to have an installed ELD in every truck. Gorilla Safety is offering free hardware to fleets entering into a two-year agreement for any of its Fleet Management software packages by January 31, 2018. For as low as $12.00 per truck, per month, Gorilla Safety will afford owner operators and fleets access to advanced and efficient systems that meet the FMCSA ELD-mandate requirements. Owner operators as well as independent contractors can benefit from this package as it includes Gorilla Safety’s user-friendly dashboard feature along with logs, driver files, vehicle files, and key alerts. It also includes GPS tracking and daily logs for drivers with storage capability of up to six months online. Now that the ELD mandate deadline has passed, fleets are already receiving warnings, and in some cases even citations, for not having an ELD installed. Gorilla Safety is making it simple for fleets to become compliant fast. Overnight shipping is also offered for a nominal charge to expedite delivery and compliance. Gorilla Safety’s Flex AOBRD product was in extremely high demand in the several months leading up to the December 18, 2017 FMCSA deadline for ELD compliance. With the formal mandate deadline now passed, the grace period provided by both the FMCSA and Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is seeing an increasingly growing number of fleets still searching for an ELD that includes the hardware in the costs. The integrated offering Gorilla Safety brings to the marketplace makes it easy and seamless for fleets to quickly become compliant. “We recognize the importance of compliance and in an effort to continue to provide the best solution at an affordable price, we are making our award-winning ELD product available to fleets of varying sizes who commit to our basic two-year software agreement. There are so many ELDs on the market today, each featuring different functionality, which can make it challenging for fleets to know exactly which is best for meeting their individual needs. At Gorilla Safety, we want to provide the right solution to the right fleet, and can help fleets figure this out. Keeping this in mind, it was important for us to include the most requested features at the best possible price to help fleets get on board and stay compliant,” stated Mark Walton, co-founder and chief executive officer at Gorilla Safety. “We have been carefully listening to the market, and continually heard fleets state -- loud and clear -- that they want an affordable, easy-to-use solution that ensures their drivers are compliant. They also want the opportunity to take advantage of some of the most advanced features available today, such as slip seating, split sleeper berth and even a Spanish version ELD. Gorilla Safety brings its users all of that and much more. This new promotion makes it that much easier to be properly armed with the right ELD tools,” added Tommy Johnson, Gorilla Safety’s co-founder and president.