The decision to apply our award-winning Ecoshield hard coating to rudders and thrusters is paying dividends, with a number of shipowners noticing zero cavitation damage and failure compared to equipment coated with other protective systems.

Ecoshield safeguards propulsion systems and steering gear against cavitation and corrosion damage throughout the vessel’s service life.
The coating can be applied at the newbuild stage or in drydock for ships already in service. Overcoating time can be as short as three hours, which means that the two coats required can usually be applied in one single day.
Many rudders, nozzles, thruster tunnels, bulbous bows and mewis ducts have now been coated with Ecoshield with 100% success. The number increases quickly as more and more shipowners and operators find that there is a final answer to cavitation damage. In all cases where Ecoshield has been standardly applied the running gear suffered no cavitation damage. No repaint was required, even more than ten years after application.
Recently shipyards in Portugal, the Netherlands, China and Singapore have applied Ecoshield to rudders and thrusters of a number of vessels, including several LPG tankers, vehicle carriers, container vessels and tugs.
You can give the rudders and running gear of your vessels the same lifelong protection. Contact us for more information.