GT USA’s Canaveral Cargo Terminal (CCT) was successful in winning a bid to receive and assist in the assembly of one of Liebherr’s largest mobile harbour crane in the US at its terminal. The heavy lift operation took approximately 5 days, where SAL Heavy Lift, a member of the Jumbo-SAL Alliance, brought the vessel Frauke to Port Canaveral.

The heavy lift project consisted of multiple pieces of a Liebherr TCC-BOS 14000 cranes, where one of the pieces discharged weighed a GT record breaking 680 metric tons, this component was tandem lifted off the vessel utilising the ship’s gear where each crane had a safe working load of 700 metric tons each. Another record was broken as the longest piece of cargo discharged over the quay when CCT discharged the boom of MHC, measuring nearly 350 feet in length. This operation also consisted of supporting the manufacturer assemble the crane’s main components utilising the ship’s gear.

Once fully assembled, the new crane will remain on CCT’s facility to assist the space industry operations carried out in Port Canaveral, Florida.

Luke Richards, Managing Director of GT USA, said: “I was pleased to be joined by the cargo owners, shipping line representatives, manufacturers and the Canaveral Port Authority during the heavy lift vessel operations. A substantial amount of meticulous planning was invested by all parties involved to guarantee the safe and efficient unloading of these heavy pieces. Our experienced team demonstrated a hands-on and professional approach, effectively ensuring the safe unloading of all cargo. With the successful completion of this project, we showcase our commitment to improving our capacity and driving operation efficiencies at Canaveral Cargo Terminal and across Gulftainer’s portfolio.”

Juan De Jesus, Director – Technical Services at Intermarine, the appointed port captain for the Shipping Line, said: “A successful transport, discharge and installation operation were achieved due to extensive heavy lift experience and cooperation between SAL crew, Liebherr team and GT USA. Challenges were overcome while making great times and strengthening relationships onboard and ashore. We look forward to continue working with our partners in the future.”

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