Cargo management systems (CMS) provider Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) is bringing users easy access to better business intelligence and enhanced reporting capabilities with a new iteration of its Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Lakes solution.

HLT's BI and Data Lakes solution is part of its Software as a Service (SaaS) suite of applications that sit within the Hermes New Generation (NG) ecosystem, which comprises several cloud-based software products, including Hermes 5 Cloud CMS, HMS, and Hermes NG BI and Data Lakes, alongside self-serve apps like Track & Trace and Slot Booking.

Recent upgrades to the Hermes NG BI and Data Lakes module include enhanced depth and breadth of data lakes and newly defined foundation reports, bringing improvements to the way the data is collected, extracted, and modelled for data-driven cargo handlers.

“In version two of the Hermes NG BI and Data Lakes solution we have greatly increased the depth of our pre-modelled data, enabling customers to use a drag-and-drop function to custom-build their own dashboards,” says Simon Elmore, Chief Operations Officer (COO), HLT.

“It is incredibly satisfying to see NG BI providing deep insight into key business problems in real time and with minimal effort from the customer.

“With this product, Hermes is offering the best data lake BI solution on the market.”

The primary features of NG BI version two include the availability, modelling, and visualisation of complex operational, messaging, KPI, and accounting data.

Deep data lakes have already been created for operations and tonnage, SLA compliance (with Cargo iQ milestones and beyond), door and truck processing, finance, warehousing, and service delivery issues, all of which are hydrated in real time .

These data lakes sit within the cloud and can be accessed easily from anywhere through a simple account name and connection key, while the independently hosted app is encrypted to guarantee security.

The data lakes are defined for human consumption , ensuring that complex data are modelled simply, including visualisations of different findings and insights.

As a result, users can hope to gain a clearer understanding of their operational data, which will enable important business decisions to be made.

“When trying to train models for predictive purposes, we found the data modelling was not at the level needed for these models to deliver true value,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), HLT.

“The reporting capabilities of this solution is the first step towards the required modelling to enable the true value of artificial intelligence to be realised.

“The incredible modelling behind NG BI and the simple and friendly way that data-turned-into-events can be analysed will enable our customers to have a better understanding of their business and to improve decision making that will lead to operational efficiencies.”

HLT’s NG BI version two is soon to go live with several customers at key cargo hubs, as the solutions provider reaffirms its commitment to bringing all customers to the cloud in 2022.