Volta Trucks, the leading and disruptive all-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and services provider, has appointed Dr. Martin Hofmann as its Chief Technology and Information Officer, effective from May 1.

Martin Hofmann brings a wealth of experience to Volta Trucks, most recently as Senior Vice President at Salesforce, with previous roles at the Volkswagen Group as its Group Chief Information Officer. Under Martin’s leadership, the Volkswagen Group started its digital transformation into the cloud, connecting vehicles and factories through the internet. Martin set up several software development and technology centres for Volkswagen in Portugal, Spain, India, and Silicon Valley. Under his leadership, Volkswagen was the first entity to obtain three US patents in applied Quantum Computing, with one in mobility optimisation.

In his role as Chief Technology and Information Officer, Martin will report to Volta Trucks’ Chief Executive Officer, Essa Al-Saleh, and his responsibilities will include the strategic leadership to the company’s vision for the customer digital services and IT operations.

Announcing the appointment of Martin Hofmann, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks, Essa Al-Saleh, said; “I am delighted to welcome Martin to the Executive Management Team of Volta Trucks at this pivotal time in the development of the company. Building a new all-electric truck from the ground up gives us a unique opportunity to create a digital ecosystem around the vehicle, built specifically for our customer’s needs, much like Apple did with the launch of the original iPhone. Martin’s extensive industry knowledge and experience with digital transformations will be invaluable for Volta Trucks to support our vision for an industry-leading digital customer experience.”

Martin Hofmann continued, “I am excited to join the Volta Trucks team that has accomplished so much in such a short time - making mobility in our cities safer and tailpipe emission-free. Being passionate about automotive and advanced information technology, I am thrilled to drive the creation of Volta Trucks’ Digital Platform - a benchmark in customer experiences, software defined vehicle services and efficient ecosystem processes.”