SeaLand’s Operations team is working with port and local staff to expedite this process.

Contingency Plan Hurricane Florence
Service Name Vessel Name Inbound Voyage Outbound Voyage Contingency Plan
NAE Cap Reinga 821N 821S Vessel will stay north by New York until hurricase passes. Berth into Savannah and Port Everglades to be determined.
SAE AS Vega 817S 817S Sailed from Philadelphia and will stay up north until hurricane passes.
Wilmington and Savannah will be omitted. Berth in Port Everglades to be confirned.
SAE Maersk Wolfsburg 817N 817S Vessel will stay south by Port Everglades until hurricane passes. Wilmington NB will be omitted with import cargo remaining onboard for discharge on SB voyage. Berth into Norfolk, Philadelphia to be determined.
Oceania Olga Maersk 827N 837S Vessel will maintain call into Charleston. Berth to be determined

Additional vessel schedule changes will be communicated as they are confirmed.