As businesses reopen with social distancing protocols in place, Hyster Company announces a proximity tag solution to help promote compliance. The system uses wearable tags that vibrate whenever personnel get too close to each other, based on input from proximity sensors and predetermined distance settings.

“From the shop floor to the conference room, businesses are taking action to address health and safety concerns as people get back to work,” says Steven LaFevers, Vice President, Emerging Technology, Hyster Company. “The proximity tag solution is an effective choice to promote social distancing throughout an organization, offering a simple yet effective technology platform at an attractive value. The alert effectively grabs user attention, but remains hushed to avoid fatigue and frustration that might risk employees abandoning the technology.”

Implementing the proximity tag solution does not require use of Wi-Fi or a cellular network, with tags instead communicating via ultra-wideband technology. When the sensor detects one or more individuals within 6 feet of one another, all tags in proximity vibrate to alert wearers of the need to keep their distance.

To prevent personnel from selectively turning off their sensors to avoid continuous social distancing enforcement, companies can use customizable shut down procedures to only allow sensors to power down when appropriate. Advanced functionality can be unlocked by integrating the proximity tag solution with the Hyster Tracker telemetry system.