Logistics technology developer Imaginnovate today announced a new feature to Fleet Enable providing final-mile carriers significant advantage in managing white glove deliveries. The firm said its WorkForce Management feature would map delivery teams in real time, tracking everything from location to availability. It said the app would be uniquely suited to white glove shipments requiring two-person delivery crews.

“This is a new feature to Fleet Enable that allows carriers to track the driver and his next deliveries while simultaneously tracking his colleague who stays behind to install the shipment,” explained Imaginnovate CEO Krishna Vattipalli. “It tracks both people doing two different jobs at the same time so that the dispatcher can follow teams in the field and the back office can invoice each person's activities accurately.”

Imaginnovate said WorkForce Management is the latest addition to its Fleet Enable software platform introduced last year. Fleet Enable was designed to automate all aspects of the final-mile industry. Imaginnovate described its latest tool as a field service management platform. It said WorkForce Management functionality would include:
Imaginnovate said white glove delivery teams would access WorkForce Management on mobile phones. They’d use it to log everything from activity status to time tracking, the company explained. Imaginnovate said the new app would speed up back office reporting of shipment activity, invoicing and driver payments.

  •  Real-time visibility into which delivery team members are currently active or inactive in the field;
  •  Live mapping of each delivery crew to assist dispatchers in finding the nearest member available for a new task; and
  • Tracking the number of visits that a field team member has completed so that reports can be generated for a single day or multiple days.

“Our mission is to improve efficiencies for all of a final-mile carrier's stakeholders,” said Imaginnovate Sales Vice President John Coussa. “We achieve this by automating the carrier's operational and back office business functions.”

Imaginnovate said it’s targeting white glove carriers in the final-mile delivery market because of changing consumer habits. Online shopping hyper-charged by the coronavirus pandemic has stressed carrier capacity, the company said. Drivers are delivering and installing everything from refrigerators to television sets at homes or businesses. 

 ‘This is no longer a phenomenon…it’s the way of life in commerce,” said Mr. Vattipalli. “Automation is the only way final-mile carriers can keep up with increasing demand from shippers and customers.”