Chatham, USA - International Cargo Terminals (ICT) a subsidiary of Shipco Transport, celebrates a decade of growth backed by the unmatched ability to meet the needs of the NVOCC and Freight Forwarding community

Ten years ago, in October 2008, International Cargo Terminals (ICT) started operations in Medley, Miami with an ambition to provide first class Container Freight Station and cargo handling services. Since then this facility has been consistently fulfilling the demands of the logistics market. In 2010, ICT established its dedicated facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey followed by Long Beach & Atlanta in 2013 & 2017 respectively.

“Our fast growth has only been achieved with the great support from our customers,” commented Thorkild Hove, Senior Vice President ICT. “Our unique locations make it possible for us to assist our loyal customer base, in loading or unloading consolidated cargo, transloading and storage of cargo, as well as many other interesting projects we’ve been involved in. These range from loading stage and concert equipment for Madonna, Gloria Estefan and U2 as well as “secret cars” going to the Detroit Motor Show. Our latest un-orthodox transload job was the Audi Formula-E race car that we unloaded just days before the race in Brooklyn. The car took 1st place…!”

ICT’s core practices revolve around security, efficiency and customer convenience. Solidifying the focus on security, its facilities are equipped with amenities such as: multiple video surveillance systems for interior and exterior coverage, advanced access control and alarm systems and monitored high value security cages. An energy efficient and environmentally friendly facility in New Jersey features solar panel technology, use of compact florescent lights, occupancy sensor-controlled lights, electric powered forklifts and several other sustainable initiatives.

“From simple beginnings 10 years ago, Shipco and ICT developed a tablet-based app to support our receiving and loading process,” commented Michael Tiernan, Vice President ICT. “We moved from clip-boards and pens, to receiving and photographing cargo with the use of iPads and the specially developed app for our CFS warehousing operation. The same app is used for loading the containers, also the iPads are used to document the sequencing of the cargo as well as providing good photo documentations of our loading. This has eliminated a lot of unnecessary claims, as we are able to access high quality photos of the cargo as it’s received and loaded. It’s a great innovation to help us in our day to day operation. However, we didn’t stop there. When SOLAS (Safety of Lives at Sea) was introduced last year by the IMO, ICT invested in a further upgrade of our receiving process. We introduced CargoSpectre, an automatic dimensioning device, which, combined with 10,000 lbs. scale, automatically scans the measurements as well as records the weight of each pallet or lot. This enhancement was added to the iPad warehouse app and the receiving process is now a much more fluid process, and fully documented. ICT is furthermore now adding the iPad-app technology to the Import devanning process to make our whole CFS operation more streamlined.

Strategically located by the air and seaports and rail-ramps, convenience for its customers is a primary motivation. Ranging in size, ICT’s spacious facilities offer a minimum of 24 doors for loading and unloading, all the way up to 60 doors at its largest facility. ICT specialize in import and export consolidation as well as transload operations. Capabilities include: handling up to 15,500 lb. hydraulic drum handling, indoor and outdoor loading and 10,000 lb. capacity scales. The ICT advantage assures better turnaround time and efficiency in Cargo Handling.

Sharing his vision for ICT Thorkild further added, “From a fairly modest beginning in a 65,000 sq. ft. facility in Miami, ICT has grown exponentially over the last few years. Our dedication to our customers, in the special area of consolidated cargo and in other areas has given us a unique model to provide the best service in the market – secure, convenient and efficient. Our focus on bringing innovation to this corner of our industry has given us a great potential for further growth in the years to come.”