KlearNow.AI, a leading provider of customs clearance and drayage software, has created and is launching its new artificial intelligence-powered platform, Customs Engine, to enable goods to move efficiently and compliantly through customs and ports and provide a range of features that enhance customer’s process agility, compliance efficiencies, and profitability.

The new software platform, targeted at customs brokers, forwarders, and importers, will capitalize on five years of deep learning from its patented AI and ML data ingestion tool that captures information from multiple unstructured sources and creates data sets for submission to customs authorities.

Customs Engine’s automated data extraction and document digitization eliminates manual data entries and related errors, while the automated ISF and entry summaries are compiled and filed with the relevant authorities.

Platform features, such as a detention and demurrage clock, DO and parts management, integrated drayage management, and a document repository help Custom Broker and Freight Forwarder customers eliminate per-diem penalties, gain end-to-end visibility and access near real-time customs and shipment updates.

Customs Engine provides KlearNow.AI with a software product that can meet the needs of global customs brokers operating from any location. The platform will roll out first in the U.S. and expand over the next 12-18 months.

“As the industry embraces AI and ML and digitization becomes table stakes, versus a competitive advantage, KlearNow.AI is focused on innovation and to ensure we remain leaders in customs software solutions. Today we announce the appointment of Anand Raghavendran as our chief product officer,” said KlearNow.AI co-founder Sam Tyagi. “Anand brings over 25 years of experience in supply chain and global trade operations, as well as SaaS delivery, and will drive global innovation at KlearNow.AI.”

As chief product officer, Raghavendran will lead all product management, engineering & IT infrastructure-related initiatives at KlearNow.AI. He has previously served as executive director with Ernst & Young’s global trade practice and president and CEO of GTKonnect, where he oversaw trade operations and technology delivery for large clients and has also held various senior management positions with major corporations such as UPS and ISSI.

“KlearNow.AI’s advanced machine learning has been in operation since 2018 and has proven to eliminate emails, phone calls, and manual tasks from workflows. We will continue to build on that expertise and experience to accelerate innovation in the global trade technology domain,” said Raghavendran. “My new role is a tremendous opportunity to bring advanced technology to what historically has been an antiquated industry and bring new software solutions to the global trade and customs industry.”