Logistics Plus, Inc. (LP), a leading worldwide provider of transportation, logistics, and supply chain solutions, has announced that it has received the official Ocean Integrity Plastic Neutrality Certification for 2022 – a third straight year. In 2022, Logistics Plus reduced its plastics footprint by supporting the collection of 36 tons of marine plastic and waste.

The Ocean Integrity Blue Ocean Plastic Neutral Program allows companies with sustainability initiatives the opportunity to establish their plastic footprint and reduce it by supporting the collection of marine plastic and waste.

Logistics Plus formally partnered with Ocean Integrity in February 2020 to support its ongoing ocean cleanup initiatives, including purchasing 1,200 recycled pallets made from 13,200 pounds of plastic waste in March 2021. To date, through financing and logistics support, Logistics Plus is being credited with removing over 3.5 million kilos of ocean plastic waste, which is the equivalent of 175,000,000 plastic water bottles.

"As the first third-party logistics company to become certified under the Blue Ocean Program, Logistics Plus is proud to be a leader in plastic neutrality," said Yuriy Ostapyak, COO for Logistics Plus. "We are mostly a non-asset-based logistics company, so we don’t own the trucks, planes, or boats that deliver our customers’ shipments, and our scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint is small. For that reason, we have focused on offsetting our plastic use. The amount of ocean plastic waste collected on our behalf is more than one hundred times our actual plastic footprint.”