S2Q Systems, creators of the email workflow automation platform Speed to Quote™, are announcing the launch of a new platform called Speed to Bid™. The product helps transportation and logistics companies enhance their ability to bid on shipments nationwide in under a few seconds by aggregating third party spot freight bidding platforms into one solution. Speed to Bid™ significantly reduces labor time responding to and managing bid boards by enabling customers to manage the process in one place while also providing vital reporting analytics that can help companies gain insights to their customer base in real time.

Founded by experts in freight tracking and resource management software, S2Q Systems is a technology company focusing on creating solutions for the transportation and logistics industries, who saw trucking capacity and workforce issues creating even more demand for speed within the quoting process. S2Q Systems created Speed to Quote™ to provide meaningful integrated technology that allows customers to analyze and respond to incoming quote requests via email in a faster time frame without sacrificing the human element to the interaction. With Speed to Bid™, customers can avoid having to manually bounce around to multiple bid boards and free up valuable time for sales and operations personnel to focus on business growth and customer needs.

“Speed to Bid™ allows for thoughtful automation to speed up the process of spot freight bidding, but without the need for expensive bots and other cumbersome autonomous type systems,” says Ben Derin, Founder of S2Q Systems. “With Speed to Bid™, freight brokers and carriers who don’t have unlimited tech budgets can now bid with ease.”

Prospective customers can learn more about S2Q Systems and their Speed to Bid™ platform by reaching out to S2Q Systems at [email protected]. Speed to Bid™ is currently only available to existing S2Q Systems customers, but will become available to the entire market on December 1, 2022.# # #