Moscow – PJSC Aeroflot announces that Shamil Kurmashov has elected to step down as Deputy CEO for Commerce and Finance to focus on a new area of business. The Company is currently in the process of identifying a candidate to take up this position on a permanent basis.

Shamil Kurmashov has been a member of Aeroflot’s modern management team since the team arrived in 2009. Aeroflot’s leadership believes a senior executive’s decision to change roles after occupying one position for many years to be a routine occurrence fully in line with international business practice.

Aeroflot Chief Executive Officer Vitaly Saveliev said “Shamil Kurmashov has worked with us for more than nine years and has made great contributions to the company. I fully understand his desire to change his professional focus. Shamil is a strong finance professional, he is young and energetic, and he is an experienced and talented manager. He has a wide array of opportunities ahead of him. I wish him success and I’m confident that he has a bright future, no matter the path he chooses.”