Maverick Transportation, an industry-leading provider of transportation and logistics services, and Platform Science, a leading connected vehicle platform, today announced a new collaboration to bring Platform Science's technology to Maverick Transportation's fleet. Platform Science's innovative transportation solutions make it easier for fleets to develop, deploy, and manage mobile devices and applications on commercial vehicles.

Maverick Transportation, which operates a fleet of approximately 1,600 units primarily east of the Rockies and also in Canada and Mexico, is deploying many of the driver-centric apps that Platform Science offers through their suite of fleet management solutions. Further, the open platform will enable Maverick to expand the use of their Drive Maverick web app.

"For over 40 years Maverick Transportation has established themselves as a nationwide leader in hauling complex loads," said Jack Kennedy, CEO and co-founder of Platform Science. "Moreover, they have done so with a commitment to safety, innovation and most importantly their people. We are proud to collaborate with their team to bring groundbreaking connected vehicle technology to their fleet, improve the work lives of their team members, and help them continue to raise the bar of excellence."

"Platform Science's customer-focused approach aligns perfectly with Maverick's core values and we look for that in our vendor partners," said Mark Gann, Vice President of Information Technology at Maverick Transportation. "We are constantly evaluating technology to help improve our drivers' lives, safety, and unbeatable customer service. We're very excited to have Platform Science as a vendor partner to help us be successful in achieving these goals."