Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Takeshi Hashimoto) today announced that its group seafarer manning company Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc. (Note 1) (MMM; Headquarters: Manila, the Philippines; President: Teodorico F. De Guzman) on November 10 held a long-service awards presentation ceremony for Filipino seafarers who work for MMM in Manila and hosted a Family Day event on the following day. MOL Director & Chairman Ikeda and some MOL Group ship management companies attended both the awards presentation and Family Day.

Awards and recognition went to seafarers with 15 years of service aboard MOL-operated vessels, and a total of 51 award recipients and their families attended. Chairman Ikeda expressed his gratitude to the award recipients for their contributions to the safe operation of MOL-operated vessels over the years and requested continuous contribution to safety operations emphasizing the importance of safety operation as a fundamental and crucial factor to achieve our vision in MOL Group Corporate Management Plan ""BLUE ACTION 2035"" which was formulated in this year.

The award recipients expressed their determination for safe operation, with one saying, “I am genuinely touched by the recognition and celebration of 15 years awards ceremony. I felt a strong sense of belonging to the company.”

Family Day event is an annual event to express gratitude to the seafarers' families who support seafarers on a daily basis. We hold the event in various locations in the Philippines, the largest one in 2023 was held in Manila, with 3,361 seafarers and their families. Chairman Ikeda thanked the seafarers and their families, and noted that good physical and mental condition in daily life leads to safer and more productive working life on board with highlighting the importance of crews and their family who give the supports to them for safety operation.

A participating family member commented, “we, as a family, are deeply grateful to MOL for the consistent care and support they extend to their crew, including their families.”

Through these programs the MOL Group regularly conducts in the Philippines and other countries that are home to seafarers, it expresses its gratitude for the significant contributions of seafarers in various countries who are working far away from their families, and their families, with the aim to achieve successful coexistence among everyone in the MOL Group and in the sustainable growth and development of communities, and the group will strive to foster a culture of safety while recruiting and developing highly skilled seafarers."