MSC USA is closely monitoring the situation and following the guidelines set out by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure the safety of all MSC employees across our USA offices, whilst doing our utmost to mitigate any possible impact to customers’ operations.

Starting March 16th, 2020, MSC USA has arranged flexible working conditions for our offices in the United States. As we strive to remain fully committed to comply with any regulatory requirements and policies aimed at curbing the spread of the COVID-19, and to best safeguard the health and wellbeing of our employees, MSC USA has undertaken a number of additional preventive measures, which have come into effect on March 19th, 2020.
Under this new provision, teams in MSC USA offices are either providing services on a remote basis, or implementing split operations until further notice.
MSC USA local representatives
During this time, please be assured that our commitment to you remains steadfast and business continuity is guaranteed. Your account manager or customer service representative will remain at your disposal to provide any commercial and operational support you may need.
To better care for you and your business during this difficult time, we have compiled a full list of contacts at our offices in the United States, who will be able to assist you with any customer service enquiry you may have.
Stay Informed
As we strive to support you and your business activities, we kindly ask you to consider limiting phone calls to critical needs and instead direct all enquiries either via e-mail or using the full set of our e-business solutions via our website and our customer portal, which allow for 24/7 access to your operational and financial information.
You can continue managing your shipments remotely, accessing real-time information in a secure online environment, such as booking confirmations, non-negotiable Bills of Lading, arrival notices, and invoices. We encourage you to make use of the full extent of e-business opportunities myMSC has to offers, such as:
    •    Place your bookings
    •    Manage bookings at a glance through the dashboard
    •    Create and submit Shipping Instructions
    •    Submit VGMs (Verified Gross Mass) for all your shipments
    •    Track the status of your container related to key events during the voyage
    •    Check vessel schedules
    •    Retrieve Arrival Notices
    •    Verify your import shipment ETA
    •    Check your import shipment release status
    •    Verify your import shipment Last Free Day (depending on port)
    •    Retrieve Invoices
As we continue to review specific procedures and guidelines across all MSC USA offices, we will keep you updated of any changes to the current situation.