Steamship lines are once again challenged to maintain service profitability since freight rates are at levels that are no longer sustainable.

In order to maintain such a service, MSC announced the following General Rate Increases (GRIs)

Effective March 16th, 2019 for all export cargo originating from USA & Puerto Rico to Far East as follows:

Applicable to all service contracts, tariff items and exempt commodities:

USD 80. per 20' Dry and USD 100.- per 40' Dry for US West Coast, US East Coast (including Gulf) and Puerto Rico cargo to Asia

USD 120.- per 20' Dry and USD 150.- per 40' Dry for IPI cargo from US inland via US West Coast ports and East Coast (excluding Gulf) to Asia

USD 80.- per 20' Dry and USD 100.- per 40' Dry for Inland cargo routed ex Gulf Ports to Asia

Above GRI does not apply for reefer cargo.


All Export

Effective March 15th, 2019 the Export Chassis Usage (ECU) for EXPORT will change as follow :

Old Amount until 03/14/2019 :  $45 per CTN

New Amount eff 03/15/2019 :  $50 per CTN


Australia, Noumea and New Zealand ports to USA

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. will update its chassis usage charge (CUC) from $80 to $100 per chassis effective March 16th 2019 (last container in gate date) and until further notice.