With a capacity of 24,346 teu, the world's largest container shipping company now also has the world's largest container ship, MSC Irina, which left the yard in China on 11 March. But as if that wasn't enough, on the same day MSC also received MSC Tessa, which also has a capacity of more than 24,000 teu.

MSC is embarking on the largest fleet expansion in history and the two ships are just the first in the gentle stream of giant-sized container ships that will be delivered to the Swiss shipping company in the coming months.

MSC Irina takes over 1st place as the world's largest container ship from OOCL Spain, which has room for 24,188 teu, while MSC Tessa can load 24,116 teu.

The new ships are equipped with a number of design elements to reduce fuel consumption, i.a. large-diameter propellers and a system that blows air bubbles along the hull to reduce water resistance.

The yard estimates that the ships, which are also equipped with hybrid scrubbers, will reduce CO2 emissions by three to four percent.