Total Movements Pvt. Ltd., members of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, managed this heavy lift transportation involved moving a 41 meter long and 680 tons heavy Ammonia Converter and a 30 meter long and 380 ton heavy Ammonia Unitized Chiller from the supplier's factory to the load port by multi-modal Transportation road-barge method.
Road transportation from the supplier's factory to the nearest jetty, rolling-on the two lengthy columns onto the barge, coastal movement to the final load port on the west coast of India and feeding alongside the vessel were all part of our scope.

Major features involved in the challenging move were:
- Felicitous vehicle configuration
- Transporting with civil work enroute
- Rolling-on and securing the cargo on the barge meeting the short tide window
- Double banking operation at Mumbai port.
Both these units were safely delivered at the Indian loading port by Total Movements for further shipping to its destination.