Building on maritime and offshore expertise gained through decades of experience serving the ocean industries from Norway, newly formed Global Ocean Technology Group is gathering key marine and energy technologies and services in a company with global ambitions.

“We have our roots in the Norwegian boatbuilding, offshore energy, rig service and energy technology industries,” says CEO and partner Tor Henning Ramfjord. “We believe this unique combination, founded on a strong tradition of quality and entrepreneurship, will allow us to bring a new level of products and services to the global marine and energy market.” 

Global Ocean Technologies will have Marine, Rigservice, and Products as their main business areas. Marine will supply vessels ranging from high-speed passenger ferries to fishing and search and rescue craft, while the Rigservice division will offer inspection, maintenance and commissioning services to rigs from their base in Mandal and around the world. The Products division will provide leading-edge electro engineering, naval design, and hydrogen, fuel cell, LNG and battery solutions.

With marine environmental regulations continuing to tighten up and the offshore industry still facing challenging markets, Global Ocean Technologies believes their combined offering will attract customers looking for innovative solutions for compliance, as well as for gains in energy and operational efficiency. 

“With the latest energy technologies and advanced naval design, our products and services will help marine companies meet and exceed present and upcoming regulatory requirements for green operations,” says Ramfjord. “At the same time, we can help rig operators keep costs under control by applying our deep knowledge of efficient maintenance, re-activation, and commissioning methods.”