Nexxiot’s Cargo Monitor devices provide real-time monitoring of shipping containers for global cargo transparency and insurance management

Zurich, 7. October 2022 – Nexxiot, the global TradeTech pioneer, has been selected by NTT DATA as the preferred IoT solution provider for Connected Product, a global cargo tracking solution jointly developed by NTT DATA and SAP to improve insurance management for global supply chains. Nexxiot’s Cargo Monitor, a revolutionary IoT sensor device that delivers unbeatable connectivity and data performance in a compact, easy-to-use design, has been chosen by NTT DATA to provide monitoring and tracking of shipping containers for the Connected Product solution. NTT DATA plans to deploy more than 600,000 of Nexxiot’s Cargo Monitor devices over the next five years.

“Nexxiot is pleased to partner with NTT DATA on their groundbreaking Connected Product solution,” said Stefan Kalmund, CEO of Nexxiot. “By connecting real-time monitoring with automated cargo insurance payments, this initiative clearly demonstrates yet another benefit of the TradeTech revolution. The digitalization of cargo not only creates enhanced visibility and transparency; the sky is the limit in terms of the value Nexxiot’s IoT technology can create for all players in the global value network.”

As the global value chain becomes increasingly complex and is threatened by numerous sources of disruption, cargo losses due to inadequate shipping conditions are a growing problem. Pinpointing the cause of damages to cargo in transit is almost impossible without real-time data on the location, status, and environmental conditions of goods in transit.

NTT DATA and SAP’s Connected Product, powered by SAP® Business Network for Logistics, seeks to solve this challenge by connecting the solution to IoT devices to monitor fragile and environmentally sensitive cargo. Nexxiot has been chosen by NTT DATA as the preferred IoT solution provider for Connected Product. By enabling end-to-end, real-time monitoring of transportation conditions, the Nexxiot Cargo Monitor tracks variables that could affect a shipment. The collected data can be configured through Connected Product to automatically trigger and execute insurance policies if goods are not transported under certain pre-defined conditions.

“Our shared vision is to create a new era of digitally connected value chain solutions,” said Xavier Rovira, Global Head of SAP Unit at NTT DATA EMEA, NTT DATA. “Nexxiot’s Cargo Monitor devices are a critical piece of our effort to increase visibility, reduce supply chain disruptions and support a smarter and more sustainable world.”

Nexxiot’s Cargo Monitors were selected by NTT DATA after an extensive pilot program. The Connected Product pilot program, which utilized 500 Nexxiot Cargo Monitors, tracking 400 live shipments were delivered in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. from March to August 2022. Throughout the course of the pilot, the shipments were monitored along more than 5 million kilometers of their journeys and more than 200,000 data points were collected for analysis.