Nippon Paint Marine, a coatings leader for the maritime industry, has announced that FASTAR, its premier antifouling solution has won the Environmental Technology Award during the JCIA’s 56th annual technology awards ceremony. FASTAR, which was recognised for its contribution to reducing fuel consumption and its benefits to marine life and the environment, is the first marine coating to win this prestigious award from the JCIA.
The award recognises innovative and outstanding scientific technologies and products that have greatly contributed to the development of the chemical industry, through the creation of superior chemical technologies. The award is sponsored by the Japan Chemical Industry Association, which represents 258 businesses and organisations involved in the chemical industry in Japan.

A rigorous evaluation process was undertaken by an esteemed panel of industry experts from across the chemicals industry, which focused on both technological prowess and product performance.
Many antifouling paints prevent the adhesion of marine life to a ship’s hull by releasing antifouling agents back into the ocean. FASTAR’s hydrophilic and hydrophobic nano-domain structure allows the antifouling agent to be eluted more efficiently than conventional products, reducing elution by up to 50%. FASTAR also features patented hydrogel water-trapping technology, which significantly reduces hull to water friction and has been shown to reduce fuel cost and emissions by up to 8%.

The Environmental Technology Award recognises Nippon Paint Marine's FARSTAR due to its contribution to reducing fuel consumption and its benefits to marine life and the environment.

As the maritime industry continues its transition to more sustainable practices, innovative coatings, such as FASTAR, represent proven solutions to support ship owners and operators in their efforts to reduce their fleet’s carbon emissions, whilst continuing to protect the marine environment.

Hirokazu Kaji, Deputy General Manager, Technology Division at Nippon Paint Marine, said: “It is with great pride that we accept the JCIA’s award for innovation in environmental technology. To be recognised as the recipient of this prestigious award is a fantastic achievement and is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our R&D team. The fact that FASTAR is the first marine coating to receive this honour, marks a significant milestone in our journey and highlights the important role of technology to reduce maritime emissions. Nippon Paint Marine’s R&D team will continue to drive forward our commitment to innovation and excellence, in harmony with the protection of the natural environment.”