The partnership combines o9’s premier AI-powered platform with project44’s high-fidelity data to enable global brands with better planning, decision-making, and productivity.

o9 Solutions, a premier AI-driven integrated planning and operations solution provider, extends it partner eco-system with project44, the global leader in supply chain visibility. This partnership will deliver an integrated solution to help the world’s leading brands make informed decisions, boosting productivity through real-time, high-fidelity data and deep predictive insights across modes.

“Global supply chains continue to experience immense pressure from constant market disruption. By joining forces with the global leader in advanced visibility, we will help our customers gain better control of their increasingly complex and fractured supply chains,” said Chakri Gottemukkala, CEO of o9 Solutions.

project44 will provide a data signal to the o9 planning platform’s control tower to identify any disruptions in the global transportation network. Equipped with actionable insights delivered to o9, joint customers can now implement agile planning and scenario management to mitigate the risks and drive delivery excellence within the entire supply chain.

o9 is the leader in the integrated planning and operations space. Its portfolio includes several of Gartner’s 2020 Supply Chain Top 25 leaders as customers, who leverage o9’s AI-powered platform to deliver value across their complex supply chains.

In recent years, supply chain control towers have evolved rapidly, increasing their ability to identify opportunities and respond to shifts in demand and supply effectively. However, the evolution of control tower visibility requires the highest quality data across all modes and geographies – including predictive tracking, real-time ETAs, and comprehensive historical data – to increase supply chain resilience and help organizations cope with disruptions as they arise.

project44 enables customers to tap into the most extensive and high-performing visibility network across 145+ countries. Using an advanced machine learning model, project44 incorporates the context of the trip and comprehensive historical data, including historical carrier data, local weather and road regulations, driver hours of service, dock hours, and more. 

With the latest product enhancements, project44 has expanded its ocean capabilities by leveraging ocean carrier schedule data to improve ETA accuracy and provide configurable alerts for efficient exception management in international and multimodal supply chains.  

“project44’s partnership with o9 combines game-changing digital powers that will help our mutual customers make faster, more effective decisions and, as a result, build more resilient supply chains,” said Jett McCandless, Founder and CEO at project44.  “With project44’s high-quality contextualized data and o9’s AI-powered planning capabilities, we will unlock the value of supply chain transparency and predictability in an entirely new way.”