ODW Logistics, a fast-growing national third-party (3PL), has forged a strategic partnership with E&C’s Snacks. This collaboration has been instrumental in supporting the company's growth within mass retailers such as Costco, Target, TJMaxx, and Walmart. Already established as an E&C’s Snacks transportation partner, ODW is now managing the better-for-you brands' inventory out of its Romeoville, Illinois warehouse.

“In this new period of growth, E&C’s Snacks needed to partner with a provider that would be able to grow and scale as we continue to expand into mass retailers,” said Trisha Pelowski, Chief Operating Officer at E&C’s Snacks. “This year, the company goal is to broaden our distribution footprint, seizing strategic opportunities within key grocery chains and big box retailers. The hard work and diligence showcased by ODW Logistics to see this plan through and provide an integrated logistics solution for both transportation and warehousing allows for efficiencies in communication, a productive partnership, and the opportunity to leverage synergies that offer greater cost savings within the supply chain. We are proud and excited about the future of this partnership.”

ODW’s extensive experience in shipping to mass retailers has been a crucial asset in helping E&C’s Snacks navigate complex retail compliance measures, ensuring optimal delivery. The company has also been able to accomplish a warehousing solution that enables it to house all products in one location simultaneously, as growth has occurred at a rapid rate. Doubling in size as a result of the current opportunities leveraged, E&C’s Snacks has been able to restructure its supply chain due to the support, collaboration, and expertise from ODW.

Matt Perrigo, Director of Business Development, shared, “This extended collaboration allows ODW Logistics to bring its retail fulfillment expertise to a growing, dynamic brand that is expanding its reach with mass retailers.”