Supply Chain Commerce Solutions provider Manhattan Associates, Inc., has announced that O’KEY Group, one of the largest grocery retail chains in Russia, has successfully deployed the Manhattan SCALE(TM) product suite in its Volgograd operation in South-Western Russia. Following the success of this initial deployment, O’KEY plans to deploy the solution across all of its distribution facilities.

The retailer operates 60 ‘O’KEY’ branded hypermarket stores and 34 O’KEY-Express’ supermarkets in Russia’s 22 largest cities, selling over 35,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) at any one time in every store and boasting 6.5 million unique loyalty card holders. Founded in St. Petersburg in 2001, the company has since grown to become one of Russia’s top five food retailers today by revenue and is publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

The philosophy underpinning O’KEY’s success is a commitment to providing customers with an exceptional in-store customer experience through an attractive environment and well-balanced assortment structure supported by high levels of service. To ensure these service levels are met and to help drive customer loyalty, revenue and profitability, the company puts a substantial emphasis on the optimization of its logistics and supply chain processes.

Evgeny Sokolov, logistics director at O’KEY, commented, “Given the functionality and configurability strengths of the Manhattan SCALE solution and its proven track record streamlining the warehousing operations of retailers throughout Russia and around the globe, our decision to select the Manhattan solution was quite straightforward.”

Manhattan’s local Geopartner KORUS Consulting, a leading systems integrator to retailers, suppliers and distributors in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), led the implementation project, working closely with the O’KEY and Manhattan teams. In addition to the functionality and flexibility strengths of the Manhattan solution, O’KEY’s selection of the Manhattan solution was also influenced by the strength of partnership that exists between Manhattan and KORUS Consulting with the two organisations having worked together since 2006.

Sokolov continued, “Following the initial project at Volgograd, we now have an optimally configured solution which we’ll roll out to all our other warehouses. We’re also confident that we can replicate across our entire warehousing estate the supply chain process improvements, operational cost reductions and improved inventory flows we’ve seen at the Volgograd site.”

Martin Lockwood, senior director at Manhattan Associates, commented, “We’re delighted with the success O’KEY has already had with Manhattan SCALE and we look forward to working alongside KORUS Consulting and O’KEY to support the retailer’s continued growth in the coming years.”

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