The ongoing crisis in the Red Sea continues to impact the global ocean freight industry. Vessels are still being rerouted around the Cape of Good Hope, and will be for some time to come.

The resulting increase in freight rates and diminished service reliability, as longer transit times cost more, have led to ports becoming congested, and capacity being contracted with vessels placed upon longer transit loops and equipment shortages developing. These problems have been further compounded by a surge in booking volume, and vessel operators prioritising higher paying freight, moving equipment and capacity to suit.

During this period of uncertainty, especially for freight movements ex Asia, our teams at Woodland Group advise to make bookings as early as possible and for shippers to add up to 4 weeks’ extra time into their supply chain planning as transit times are expected to be much longer than traditionally planned and advised. The current ocean freight issues and disruption replicate those experienced throughout COVID. At Woodland Group, we have built additional solutions to add certainty and increase transit speed.

  • Offering Ocean freight options ex Asia with guaranteed space, equipment, and departure.
  • Sustainable, fast, reliable, cost-efficient, and safe rail transport with departures multiple times a week for LCL and FCL freight on both Economy and Express trains from Asia to Europe, offering enhanced transit times.
  • A wide range of Air Freight services for those with set deadlines needing extra security and peace of mind.
  • Sea-Air services, which offer the best combination of both ocean freight and air freight by delivering for the most efficient routing and transit times possible.