Descartes Systems Group announced that Houston-based Goodfair, an online thrift store platform that sells themed bundles of clothing, is using Descartes’ cloud-based ecommerce warehouse management system (WMS) to automate, streamline and scale its order fulfillment processes to meet surging demand for secondhand retail.

“By reintroducing clothing back into the consumer cycle that would otherwise have been destined for a landfill, we’re revolutionizing how people shop, reducing water waste, carbon emissions and marine pollution,” said Topper Luciani, CEO at Goodfair. “We rely on the Descartes solution to help us ship fluctuating volumes of pre-loved clothing bundles to consumers quickly and accurately, as well as to partner with a leading retail brand for its online vintage shop. With an eye to minimizing our environmental impact, the Descartes solution has eliminated wasteful and inefficient paper-based order picking practices that frequently led to order errors, offered poor warehouse visibility and compromised the customer experience.”

Part of Descartes’ ecommerce solution suite, the ecommerce WMS helps direct-to-consumer brands, like Goodfair, ecommerce retailers and traditional retailers build their brand around scalable fulfillment and a consistent customer experience. Designed to support growing ecommerce retailers as they scale operations, the cloud-based solution ensures that clients can ship on schedule, ship the right items, have full transparency into warehouse operations and inventory levels, and realize a quick return on investment. The solution is pre-integrated with ecommerce platforms, like Shopify Plus, Magento, ChannelAdvisor and others, to accelerate implementation and time to value. Order information is automatically available to be executed via mobile driven multi-order pick-and-pack strategies and then fed into parcel shipment systems.

Descartes’ ecommerce solution suite combines best in class parcel shipping and fulfilment solutions to help small and medium-sized-enterprise (SME) companies deliver a remarkable buying experience for their customers, scale fast and grow sustainably.

“We’re pleased to help Goodfair put the customer experience first with a fulfillment model designed for growth,” said Troy Graham, Vice President at Descartes. “For brands with ecommerce warehouse operations, excellence in order fulfillment is a critical differentiator, helping them smoothly increase capacity to meet surges in demand while scaling their ecommerce businesses profitably.”