Parade, the leader in capacity management software for freight brokers, announces the release of two new products that enable freight brokers to manage dedicated capacity with an intelligent waterfall tendering engine called “Cascade” and a capacity-based pricing engine called “Advantage”. Parade’s new product launch is accompanied by an update for all existing Parade customers to a new version of its web-based capacity workbench that further streamlines managing carrier relationships and covering loads.

These new products and updates seamlessly integrate with a freight brokerage’s transportation management System (“TMS”), enabling teams to quickly scale carrier sales operations and book more freight.

“Our team is focused on helping our freight brokerage partners leverage digital workflows with their teams to maximize capacity and develop carrier relationships,” said Anthony Sutardja, CEO and Co-Founder of Parade. “We are excited to see our customers unlock new growth with these innovations.”

Advantage is a capacity-based pricing tool that uses Parade’s capacity expertise and the industry-leading pricing benchmark to show brokerages where they have an advantage over their competition. Advantage is made to be used by freight brokers tasked with the tedious process of pricing truckload quotes in order to win more load volume and improve margins.

Cascade allows brokers to design customized automation to prioritize carrier outreach for specific loads based on the lane, equipment type, and shipper. Cascade enables freight brokers to manage their core carriers with exclusive access to loads before being automatically matched with a freight broker’s broader carrier network. This tool saves reps’ time, improves carrier reuse to build strong carrier relationships, boosts the level of service to both shippers and carriers, and improves margins.