Integration helps give fleet managers increased visibility and control of routing process

Dallas, TX - Leading provider of route optimization software, Paragon Software Systems, announced today that its route optimization software has launched on the Geotab Marketplace. Fleet managers who are already creating accurate, efficient routes using Paragon can now view vehicle data from Geotab’s telematics system within Paragon’s Route Execution Software to see, in real time, when routes deviate from the plan. This allows users – in dispatch, customer service or route planning – to proactively alert customers about potential issues, or adjust the schedule to avoid impacting customer deliveries.

Using Paragon’s route optimization software is the first step to creating robust transport plans that reduce costs. But fleet operators always face the risk that the plan will unravel the moment it leaves the planning office. Dispatch often edits the plan to suit driver preferences or availability, and drivers can then undermine the plan further by changing the route sequence at their own discretion. By feeding Geotab vehicle data into Paragon, fleet managers can compare planned versus actual route performance in real time, gaining visibility of the entire fleet’s progress throughout the day.

“The tight integration of two best-of-breed suppliers, Paragon and Geotab, enhances fleet operators’ ability to produce route plans that are accurate, efficient and achievable,” said William Salter, Paragon’s CEO. “Our first joint client is already unlocking the substantial cost savings available when fleet managers have real-time visibility of what is actually happening out on the road.”

Users can now receive ELD data directly into route planning to maximize driver utilization

A custom interface between the Paragon and Geotab systems allows users to import ELD data into Paragon with a simple mouse click. As a result, fleet operators can easily compare drivers’ legally available hours with actual hours driven, reducing the risk of hours of service (HOS) violations. Critically, it also means that transportation planners can use the up-to-date availability of each individual driver during the planning process.

This new ELD-to-routing functionality addresses a significant information gap that has existed since ELD devices became mandatory. While data on actual hours driven is gathered by in-cab telematics systems, until now there has been no simple way to import this data into route optimization systems. Consequently, many routing software programs fail to account for individual driver availability during the route planning process, forcing the dispatch office to reconfigure plans to reflect the actual resources available. These changes often undo the benefits of the original plans, which are designed to reduce fleet operating costs 10 to 30 percent.

Integration brings added functionality to Geotab and Paragon customers

Geotab is a global leader in fleet management, with 1.9 million connected vehicles across more than 119 countries. Paragon is a leading provider of truck routing and scheduling software, with more than 4,700 systems at over 1,400 client sites in 61 countries worldwide.