PayCargo continues its strategy of collaborating with industry partners to facilitate the expedited same-day release of inbound cargo

PayCargo’s online payment solution is now directly integrated with Unisys’ cargo management system, providing Unisys’ partner carriers access to a single platform that includes modern payment services, with automated data flows that saves time and money.

Delta Cargo has become the first Unisys carrier partner to offer its customers direct access to online payment processing through the solution.

The Application Programming Interface (API) integration connects PayCargo directly into Unisys’ Digistics solutions including their Cargo Portal Solution, Digi-Portal.

“The integration between PayCargo and Unisys is now more important than ever, helping to transform the industry with digital solutions that add meaningful value, including benefits such as the expedited release of shipments, lower costs, improved cash management, increased transparency, reduced manual effort and streamlined operations,” said Lionel van der Walt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Americas, PayCargo.

“Users on both sides of a transaction have visibility into billing, which enables them to address any issues immediately and make payments more efficiently.”

The integrated solution automates the payment creation for payers, including freight forwarders, importers and Beneficial Cargo Owners, as well as providing real-time remittance validation for airlines to enable same-day release of cargo. 

Airlines do not need to access multiple systems, and the automated data flows save time and avoid costly human errors. 

In addition, all payments made via PayCargo can be viewed on the AWB Charges function within the Unisys Digistics system for auditing and payment tracking.

“Unisys strives to bring the best solutions to market, which includes working with trusted partners who can bring innovative, easily-integrated technology that provides added value to our air cargo clients,” said Curtis Schuler, Unisys Vice President, Client Management, Americas.

“As a result of our relationship with PayCargo, we are providing real-time payment visibility for Delta that not only improves cash management but further creates a seamless, transparent and user-friendly environment that will reduce administrative costs and better manage electronic payments for their business.”