Platform Science, a leading connected vehicle platform, and Luma Brighter Learning, an award-winning instructional design and learning company, today announced a new collaboration that will bring Luma eNugget® Learning and Luma Emerge™ learning management solutions to Platform Science's industry-leading solutions catalog. Luma Brighter Learning provides engaging online and blended learning programs and has been making a measurable difference in learning outcomes for the trucking industry for almost a decade. Platform Science's innovative transportation solutions make it easier for fleets to develop, deploy, and manage mobile devices and applications on commercial vehicles.

Luma's approach to learning is grounded in scientific methods proven to enhance learning engagement. The company's comprehensive mixed-medium products help trucking carriers improve safety, communication, and compliance through focused, on-demand, micro-learning lessons. Moreover, Luma Emerge™ supports carriers with a simplified, effective solution and a monthly subscription to Luma's eNugget® program. These programs allow for a broad range of learning mediums and modes that appeal to all users, reporting, and compliance documentation.

"We understand drivers' time is extremely valuable and Luma Brighter Learning's training programs make it easier for them to complete instructional programs directly from the cab when they are off the road," said Emilie Campbell, Director of Partner Management, Platform Science. "As we continue to build our app catalog, we are providing fleet operators with the tools needed to improve the driver experience and increase efficiencies. Luma's unique approach to training accomplishes both of those goals."

"Luma Brighter Learning is pleased to partner with Platform Science to offer enhanced and easily accessible training to drivers from their cab," said Dr. Gina Anderson, Luma Brighter Learning co-founder and CEO. "Effective learning is not about the number of hours spent training employees. What is important is training quality and frequency. This partnership further allows drivers to take control of their learning, maximizing their time while experiencing meaningful lessons and authentic live coaching sessions that make a measurable difference in safety outcomes."