Turvo, provider of the world's leading collaboration application designed for the supply chain and Port City Logistics (Port City), today announced a strategic partnership to underpin the future success of one of the fastest-growing logistics providers in the U.S.

Port City owns and operates 3 million square feet of warehouse space serving the single largest and fastest-growing container terminal in America -- the Port of Savannah. After reporting record growth the past two years, Port City is expanding its warehouse and distribution network and projects a 67% growth rate in 2022. The company required a solution to maximize its warehouse expansion, increase efficiencies, and provide its customers a more digitized customer experience.

"From a go-to-market standpoint, Turvo allows us to be more than a commodity," says Port City CEO, Eric Howell. "Turvo gives our customers a different tangible experience. From a delivery perspective, Turvo brings together multiple disparate business processes that improve workflow efficiency, reduce cost, and pass on a better experience and transparency to our customers."

Port City, now tech-enabled with Turvo, looks to:

  • Provide a collaborative network to shippers and carriers for a seamless customer experience.
  • Scale operations without limits.
  • Connect with more non-vessel-operating common carriers (NVOCCs) to pre-empt drayage service quote requests and manage bookings in one platform.
  • Gain more visibility into inventory levels at the warehouse to track and share inventory costs with shipper clients.
  • Ensure constant oversight and tracking of all trucks and documentation through an app-based experience.

Technology-Driven Transformation

Built on the award-winning Turvo Collaboration Cloud platform, Turvo's technology goes beyond traditional TMS by simplifying the interface between customers and logistics providers, empowering shippers, carriers, third-party logistics providers (3PLS), and brokers with a streamlined social network approach to supply chain management.

Companies that work with Turvo report 3X more revenue per employee, 5x more shipments per client, a 50% reduction in manual updates, and 10x better fleet utilization.

"We were looking for the most modern stack with the best user experience that had integration capability and customer and carrier collaboration and visibility built into the platform and overall architecture," says Chris Somerville, Port City's SVP Customer Experience. "Turvo was the only platform that met all those qualifications. Collaboration isn't dashboards and portals, it's true collaboration and workflow participation."

Collaboration is Key

At a time when understanding the supply chain has become the difference between unprecedented profits or bankruptcy, investments in the right technology are giving logistics service providers, shippers, exporters, and small businesses the edge.

Knowing when and where inventory is moving (and not moving) along the supply chain and having real-time information to manage stock shortages and delays makes it easier to track orders and notify customers and carriers when exceptions arise.

"Turvo uses collaboration to remove the inefficiencies between companies, creating automation and giving everyone a much better experience," says Scott Lang, Chairman and CEO, Turvo. "We solve more than just tracking a shipment, we provide a modern TMS with the added benefits of order and inventory management and collaboration -- helping customers like Port City to scale faster."

"Turvo is designed more like a social network than a siloed platform," says Lang. "If we believe that the supply chain is more of a network with shared workflows, then we need a technology that enables that. It's a team sport."