Quality One Wireless (Q1, LLC), a global leader in wireless distribution, announced a partnership last week with WIT Logistics, a division of Walker SCM, to assist with supporting Q1's partner's vendor managed inventory initiative.

As part of this partnership, Quality One will sell inventory directly to WIT Logistics who will then manage distribution to Q1's partners in an effort to streamline inventory flow and establish a just-in-time inventory processes to support the continued improved execution of Q1's partner's supply chain. WIT will act as a key component of the supply chain process, strategically staging product in geographic areas to support anticipated retail demand.
"WIT Logistics' ability to streamline our inventory flow in working with Tier 1 carriers is incredibly valuable to us in terms of properly managing our supply chain, and Quality One is looking forward to the opportunity to work with them in this capacity," said Wyatt Whaley, Senior Vice President of Sales at Quality One. "Further, we are proud to work with a minority-owned business enterprise of WIT Logistics' ilk with a global reach, operating directly and through agency agreements in over 25 countries worldwide." continued Mr. Whaley.
Expanding upon the partnership, Roger Moll, Executive Vice President of WIT Logistics, said "Our decades-long experienced supply chain engineering and logistics operations team is particularly excited to join Q1 to deliver together another superior cost-savings logistics solution, perfectly suited to the uniquely fast-paced and customer driven mobility sector.  We look forward to continued collaboration in the future."
Quality One and Wit Logistics will begin actively working with one another during Q4 of 2019.