Quest Solution, Inc. a provider of Supply Chain and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Machine Vision solutions, announced that its HTS Image Processing, Inc. (“HTS”) wholly-owned subsidiary has been awarded a patent from the U. S. Patent Office for a patent titled “Cloud-Based ALPR Management”. The patent covers the Company’s new cloud-based architecture for the deployment of LPR/ALPR systems.

HTS is a leader in providing Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning Based Vehicle Recognition Systems including LPR (License Plate Recognition)/ANPR and recently announced Color, Make and Model capabilities. HTS provides its unique solutions for use in Safe Districts for anti-terrorism and law enforcement, Safe and Smart City projects, School Safety, Secured Facilities, Logistics Centers, Seaports, Parking Automation, and others which operate using installed cameras and computers to capture and decipher license plate data as well as vehicle color and make.

This patent simplifies the deployment and infrastructure in LPR/ANPR systems, by using a cloud-based architecture rather than the traditional use of physical locally installed hardware. The cameras upload images to the cloud, where the HTS AI-Based Visual Cortex™ algorithm on Cloud servers performs the recognition and control process, then the cloud-based management system completes the cycle.

Advantages of the cloud-based solution include: unlimited uploading of the system enabling accelerated growth, a lower cost of hardware at the facility, more flexible and scalable systems, increased reliability, shorter turnaround cycles for updates, and improved control and support.

Shai Lustgarten, CEO of Quest, stated, “We believe that this patented solution combined with our recently announced patented feature which identifies color, make and model, gives us strong competitive positioning in this growing market. The patent award demonstrates the strength and sophistication of our R&D team’s efforts in delivering leading edge technology. LPR/ANPR capabilities have revolutionized the estimated $10 billion parking industry and we are focused on continuing to develop and deploy solutions that are broadly effective and applicable within this growing market vertical so that we may optimize our opportunities for growth.”