Redwood Logistics (Redwood), one of the fastest-growing supply chain and logistics companies in North America, today launched its innovative sustainability tool, Redwood Hyperion, to the broader market, providing shippers with freight emissions visibility, the critical first step towards a greener supply chain. After outstanding initial customer feedback, the new freight sustainability solution is primed to support shippers of all sizes in their eco-initiatives through a suite of carbon emissions visibility, offsetting, reduction, and reporting tools that help them meet their sustainable goals. Redwood Hyperion is officially available to all beginning March 14, 2023.

“As investors and looming legislation continue to push Scope 3 emissions reporting and consumers demand more sustainable solutions, now is the time for retailers, food and beverage providers, manufacturers, and more to take action on carbon emissions tracking,” said Mike Reed, Chief Product Officer, Redwood. “Redwood Hyperion is a flexible resource for all shippers, no matter their size, location, or where they are on their sustainability journey. Whether customers are just starting to explore what it takes to meet evolving supply chain sustainability requirements, or are looking to fortify current operations, Hyperion’s ability to connect with existing systems while adding new carbon emissions insights not only helps to meet these mandates but also strengthens ESG positioning across customers and trading partners.”

Redwood Hyperion supports carbon-neutral initiatives by automating detailed load-by-load emissions calculations, facilitating carbon credit purchases toward verified projects, and providing shareable progress reporting. The tool includes a comprehensive suite of carbon tracking and data features through RedwoodConnect™, Redwood’s proprietary iPaaS platform that facilitates the integration of digital and physical supply chains. Additionally, Redwood is formalizing its current managed offering under the Redwood Eco Advisory umbrella to guide shippers toward supply chain efficiencies that obtain measurable emission reductions, while also reducing freight costs.

“With decades of experience handling logistics data, we know there are many challenges you can face, from accessing data stored in multiple silos and normalization of data at scale to the handling of bad data on the fly. Hyperion powered by RedwoodConnect™ makes it simple for our customers to integrate, validate and cleanse the right data to adapt to real-world scenarios and ultimately provide the freight emissions visibility you can trust throughout your supply chain,” added Reed.

Redwood Hyperion also provides access to a verified carbon credit marketplace, directly from its partnership with Cloverly. The shared marketplace offers a deep portfolio of verified offsetting options from nature-based credits to advanced carbon removals. All credits are certified and tracked by reputable third-party registries such as the Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, and American Carbon Registry. Additionally, Redwood Hyperion provides access to instant downloadable reports, providing users with the ability to easily aggregate into their total GHG emissions accounting and share the progress of their sustainability initiatives.

Redwood Logistics has been recognized with an EcoVadis Bronze medal as well as a SEAL Sustainability award. By adding Redwood Hyperion, the company continues to strengthen its carbon tracking and sustainability capabilities.