The logistics industry thrives on alliances, partnerships and initiatives that work together to find solutions and drive the slow pace of digitization in the transport industry. Riege Software and have decided to work together and from now on jointly face the giant called unified data transfer.

Data Sharing Made Easy

Similar to Riege, offers its participants customized solutions as well as a system with high connectivity and resilient data. The company's vision is to seamlessly connect the numerous fragmented IT and data solutions in the logistics industry. And how could this be done better than through a lived partnership with like-minded people who not only share the same goal, but ideally also the same values?

“Since the early days of the development of, we have been in communication with Riege. As a key driver in the industry, Riege is a very important partner for us to jointly drive standardized data exchange in the industry.”

– Niko Hossain, Managing Director

Riege has already formed alliances of this kind in the past, is actively involved in international committees, working groups and networks, and cooperates with institutions and academies to promote the industry and its continued growth. Therefore, Riege welcomes the partnership and looks forward to future projects with by its side in building new Digital Standards in logistics.