Roambee, the global real-time supply chain visibility and intelligence provider, reports details of the company's growth and success in 2022. Roambee's upward trajectory is powered by its supply chain intelligence built on verifiable IoT sensor information to accurately predict business KPIs - at a time when enterprises are looking to build resilient, sustainable, and autonomous supply chains.

In 2022, Roambee increased its monthly monitored shipments by 138%, adding new customers and expanding to more routes, regions, and business units of its 300+ customer base - out of which 50 of them are Top 100 companies in Pharma, Food, Electronics, Chemicals, Automotive, and Logistics. In addition, its innovative supply chain intelligence platform earned the company strong industry recognition as the runner up out of 6 finalists in the CSCMP Supply Chain Innovation Award; badge of 'Leader - Summer 2022' on the real-time G2 Grid® for the top Asset Tracking Software products; and Top Software & Tech Providers Award by Food Logistics.

Roambee's AI-powered platform is differentiated by its ability to affirmatively guide any company to deliver the right product at the precise time, in the correct place, and in ideal condition, using sensor data analytics. Most supply chain software such as carrier-aggregated telematics platforms, supply chain planning tools, and tracking and monitoring solutions lack direct-from-source, timely, or actionable data to orchestrate supply chains three-dimensionally around On-Time, In-Full (OTIF), product quality, and transparent chain-of-custody – a critical unsolved piece for Fortune Global 500 firms to confidently automate their supply chain planning and execution.

Sanjay Sharma, CEO of Roambee, called out some game-changing success stories published in the company's recent newsletter, "Roambee's platform was the brain behind major industry transformations. One of the world's largest pharma companies automated quality controls with Roambee's business signals and narrowed down the top 20 out of 500+ international cold chain lanes that produce the highest quality compliance risks; a British chemical multinational streamlined and automated its railcar logistics operations; a large reusable packaging operator serving the retail and food space increased its 'revenue per asset' by 34% in just 2.5 years, and one of the biggest apparel manufacturers in the world with 50+ factories improved its workforce productivity by identifying the top 16 out of 248 lanes contributing more than 50% of security risks."

Roambee's platform gains its power by merging real-time IoT sensor inputs with other data streams from carriers, port operations, airport operations, rail operations, traffic, weather, and more, turning it into contextual business signals, insights, and forecasts, such as replenishment triggers, quality compliances, lane/transporter scoring, and security risks. In this way, enterprises can effectively address supply chain challenges, automate operations, and implement a successful future growth plan. The platform works independently or together with other popular supply chain software.

Sharma added, "In 2023, the company's top priorities are driving sustainability for enterprises through scope 1, 2, and 3 emission metrics analytics, implementing its platform for 3PL (third-party logistics) companies to monetize, improving customer experience, and increasing the platform's sensor-independent capabilities to further hone the accuracy of supply chain prediction and business KPIs."