Rystad Energy’s oil market update from Senior Vice President, Jorge León:

According to Rystad Energy data and research, crude production in OPEC+ countries increased by 212,000 barrels per day (bpd) in February over January output.

Most of the increase was a result of a recovery in Libyan production (165,000 bpd) following disruptions in January.

Production in Russia (83,000 bpd), Nigeria (51,000 bpd) and Venezuela (24,000 bpd) increased too, while output in Iraq (-135,000 bpd), Kazakhstan (-24,000 bpd) and Iran (-8,000 bpd) decreased the most.

Overall, OPEC+ crude output averaged 41.46 million bpd in February, the second lowest in the last six months.

Production in OPEC+ countries with quotas remained roughly flat and slightly above target in February at 34.61 million bpd – 139,000 bpd above target.

Among the countries that did not comply, Kazakhstan remains at the top, with output averaging 1.63 million bpd – 140,000 bpd above its target.

However, its compliance has improved with respect to January when output was 164,000 bpd above target.

Similarly, Iraqi production remained above target in February by 61,000 bpd.

Output averaged 4.188 million bpd, while its target is 4.127 million bpd.

It should be highlighted that compliance improved significantly last month.

Production in January was 196,000 bpd above target.

Saudi Arabian crude output remained flat last month at 8.991 million bpd.

That is only 9,000 bpd below its target of 9 million bpd.

Russian output averaged 9.478 million bpd in February, an increase of 83,000 bpd with respect to January.

Output from OPEC+ countries without quotas (Iran, Venezuela, Libya, and Mexico) increased by 180,000 bpd to average 6.85 million bpd in February – the highest production level since December 2018.

Libya, Mexico and Venezuela increased production, while a marginal decline was recorded in Iran.

Production in Venezuela increased to 865,000 bpd, its highest level since December 2021, in the midst of increased likelihood of the US reimposing sanctions in April.