Software will help high-volume shippers better manage parcel costs

Lakeland, FL -  - Saddle Creek Logistics Services announced today that it is launching a new parcel analytics tool that will drive supply chain efficiencies and bottom-line savings for the company’s high-volume parcel clients.

A robust alternative to traditional spreadsheets, the new tool provides users with a unified database of all their carrier invoice data. Cloud-based software facilitates freight bill auditing, streamlines invoicing for parcel shipments, and provides dashboards for client billing and reporting through an intuitive web portal. 

The software gives users visibility to parcel spend, including accessorial charges and shipping across time, as well as the ability to monitor proof of delivery and billing. Activity can be viewed by week, month, quarter or year.

The data can help users to identify trends based upon service or recognize certain factors that might increase accessorial charges. It can also help them understand how peak periods drive carrier selection and volumes. It will be particularly valuable for companies interested in establishing a multi-carrier strategy.

Data like this is not currently available via a web portal from carriers, and purchasing the software can be costly for shippers. Saddle Creek is offering the capability free of charge to clients that ship a high volume of parcel orders on the company’s account. Saddle Creek manages nearly 50 million parcel shipments for clients annually.

“The rapid rise of ecommerce has resulted in a dramatic increase in parcel shipments – and a corresponding demand for more data and better cost control. This new software will give shippers the business intelligence they need to handle the growing complexity of parcel management,” said Jennifer Doles, senior manager, transportation, at Saddle Creek.

The tool is now live and available to new high-volume parcel clients.