East Coast Warehouse & Distribution (East Coast Warehouse), a leading temperature-controlled logistics provider to the food and beverage industry, announced today that its sister company, Safeway Trucking Corporation (Safeway), has partnered with BlueCargo, a logistics SaaS platform that optimizes the entire container workflow from port to warehouse.

The partnership will be a time saver for customers of Safeway, one of the nation’s largest container drayage providers, offering fast, reliable, and cost-effective drayage, full truckload, less-than-truckload, transportation management, and final mile delivery services across the contiguous United States, as it will help alleviate the additional costs and fees resulting from port congestion.

“Over the last few years, we have seen record high volume in U.S. terminals, which has created port congestion, a backlog of empty return containers, and limited appointments for container pick-ups,” said Ed Cole, Senior Vice President of Transportation at East Coast Warehouse, who oversees Safeway Trucking. “Our partnership with BlueCargo will allow us to provide customers with real-time container level detail to streamline their operations, make the drayage process more efficient, and accurately document these impacts so they can avoid unnecessary fees.”

BlueCargo connects any importer, logistics provider, or drayage carrier on its platform to move cargo on time at the ports and decrease accessorial and per diem fees. With the BlueCargo platform, Safeway dispatchers can secure the first available appointments for pick-up/empty returns and can provide customers with the necessary proof to dispute unreasonable per diem charges. The platform will integrate with Safeway’s existing transportation management system (TMS) to avoid duplicate work in managing containers.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Safeway Trucking to help them provide drayage cost transparency to their customers,” said Alexandra Griffon, CEO of BlueCargo. “As companies are looking to streamline their operations, BlueCargo is the only platform that can help monitor, forecast, and mitigate accessorial fees, including demurrage, detention, and per diem.”

BlueCargo just announced the completion of a new round of funding that will allow the company to expand its geographic footprint in North America, invest in its core technology, and continue attracting top talent in the areas of product and engineering, industry experts, and business leaders.