Shanghai-bound sky-high soaring swine swoop into China

China Southern Airlines is pleased to announce that more than 800 “flying pigs” have been safely delivered from Chicago to China.

These prize breeding swing were safely and humanely transported in two major air lifts from the US Midwest to the PRC.

The first delivery of soaring swine was a 12 main deck position on China Southern Airlines’ 747-400 freighter of 543 of live pigs, weighing in at a hefty 51,300 kilos. The consignee was the China National Animal Breeding Stock based in Beijing and was transported directly to Shenzhen in Southern China.

The second delivery of sky-high hogs consisted of a five main deck position of 200 live pigs consisting of 22,000 kilos. This delivery was made to the Shanghai Shenlong International Trading Company for breeding in Shanghai.