Shipco Transport, one of the world’s leading neutral NVOCCs, has announced the opening of a new Container Freight Station (CFS) in Busan, Korea.  The new facility is operated by International Cargo Terminals (ICT) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shipco Transport.  

ICT Korea is a brand new facility with an overall footprint of 16,500 square meters and is located only 4 kilometers from Busan New Port – the most commonly serviced port in Korea.  Furthermore, the warehouse is bonded and operates within the Free Trade Zone.  As well as fulfilling its key role in providing NVOCC warehousing services, ICT Korea also offers value-added services such as labelling, sorting, packing, inspection.  In line with both Shipco’s and ICT’s focus on cargo security, the warehouse operates with a closed circuit television surveillance system incorporating 25 cameras and has around-the-clock gateway security.
The official grand opening of the facility took place on March 12 2019 - a significant date given Shipco’s Danish heritage, as it marked the 60th anniversary of formalized diplomatic relations between Korea and Denmark.

Shipco and ICT were honored to host the Danish Ambassador for Korea, who officiated with an opening speech.  He was joined by over one hundred guests from the shipping community – freight forwarders, shipping lines, local trucking companies –along with local government officials.  Sune Simonsen (CEO for Shipco’s parent company, Scan-Group), Morten Jaepelt (Chairman) and Klaus Jepsen (Group CEO for Shipco) were also in attendance.  They presented a ship’s anchor to memorialize the opening of the warehouse.
‘We are very proud of this modern new facility’, say Mr T S Kim, CEO for ICT Korea.  ‘Moreover, having our operations all under the Shipco umbrella will certainly bring advantages both to Shipco Korea and to our customers.’