Siemens announces its expanded relationship with Veros Systems. The companies interfaced Veros ForeSightTM technology with Siemens Large Drives to provide new performance and health monitoring of motors and the assets they drive, all without installing any sensors on the rotating assets themselves.

The system uses Siemens MindSphere, the cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens, which allows users to connect products, plants, systems, and machines, and enables users to harness the wealth of that data with advanced analytics.  SIDRIVE IQTM in MindSphere is a digital platform for optimizing drive systems makes the new offering possible and allows for a for a new dimension in availability, serviceability, productivity, and efficiency.
"Siemens envisions a future of utilizing existing variable speed drives and other power distribution equipment to not only provide power to the world’s motors, but to continuously monitor industrial equipment performance and health,” says Scott Conner, General Manager, Siemens Medium Voltage Drives. Being able to monitor motors and equipment without the need for additional sensors will accelerate the adoption of equipment analytics, reduce the cost/risk of unexpected equipment downtime, improve operational productivity, and help reduce global energy consumption.
Veros Systems, based in Austin, Texas, developed machine learning algorithms that learn how motors typically perform and alarm when they see an anomaly.  Advanced technology employing artificial intelligence (AI) principles builds a model for how each particular motor and load (compressor, pump, fan, etc.) normally function across a range of operating conditions.  Many types of developing mechanical and electrical degradations in the equipment subtly affect the motor’s current and voltage waveforms. Veros technology is designed to detect these changes and issue alarm messages providing early warning of developing problems.